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Yoga to cultivate the Body, Mind and Soul

Yoga for you Body, Mind & Soul

Yoga is a discipline, more than a sport because it is not just about cultivating the body, but also the mind, and the soul. Yoga was born in India and is a meditation practice very common in Hinduism. In yoga, it is very important to take into account the breathing, since through breathing in yoga is how to achieve relaxation and with it meditation.

Yoga poses are yoga exercises that unite the body with the mind. They do not consist in imitating a certain yoga posture, but in achieving balance and concentration at that point, with adequate breathing.

Basic Yoga Poses 

Backbending Yoga Poses 

Twisting Yoga Poses 

Hip Opening Poses 

Side Bending Yoga Poses 

Balancing Yoga Poses 

Core Strength Yoga Poses 

  • Prayer Twist Pose – Namaskar Parsvakonasana
  • Upward Boat Pose – Paripurna Navasana
  • Balancing Table Pose – Dandayamna Bharmanasana
  • Inclined Plane Pose – Purvottanasana
  • One Leg Boat – Eka Pada Navasana
  • Staff Pose – Dandasana
  • Plank – Phalakasana
  • Four Limbed Staff Pose -Chaturanga
  • One Leg Downward Facing Dog – Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana
  • Side Plank – Vasisthasana
  • Tiger Pose – Vyaghrasana
  • Warrior III Pose – Virabhadrasana III
  • Half Bow Pose – Ardha Dhanurasana
  • Shiva Twist – Parivrtta Natarajasana
  • Low Plank – Ardha Phalakasana
  • Reverse Table Top – Ardha Purvottanasana

Forward Bending Yoga Poses 

All these poses can help you enhance your current knowledge, but for better results it would be advisable to join a live yoga community.

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