Learn how to improve your balance easily

Improving your balance easily

Do you twist your feet continuously? Are you unable to hold onto one leg without falling? There is only one solution: work the balance!

Having a good balance is essential for the practice of certain sports such as tennis, skiing, dance or gymnastics. This makes it possible especially to optimize performance.

Why do you need to improve your balance?

We do not realize it, but being able to control balance and agility is as important as having a well-muscled body. This can be essential in the practice of intense physical activity such as skiing. In general, for an athlete, having a good balance allows working more effectively, reducing the risks of injuries and optimizing the exercises performed.

In daily life, mastering balance can prevent falls and sprains and help to be more stable. In addition, doing exercises by working on the balance strengthens the muscles, tones them up and improves their reactivity. This also seeks a certain well-being linked to the feeling of control.

Exercises to improve your balance

If you want to improve your stability, your flexibility, and your balance, nothing better than practicing a regular physical activity. For this, running is an excellent sport, but be careful not to direct your eyes to the feet, but far to the front.

If the running is not holy of your devotion, you can always invest in a specialized device, which will help you find the balance. Thus, many sports stores market unstable platforms in the form of a half ball, more commonly called balance platforms. You have to place the rounded part on the floor and climb on the platform to work the balance. Devices of this type are also available in some gyms.

Finally, to improve the balance in a simple and effective way, we suggest some quick and easy exercises:

  • The pink flamingo: standing up straight, stares at the horizon. Lift one knee forward, to the horizontal if you can. Hold the position for at least 10 seconds, then close your eyes trying to hold at least 5 seconds. Proceed in the same way with the other leg.
  • The kick in the vacuum: very stable on the left leg, kicks forward with the right, vacuum, and then back without depositing the leg on the floor between both blows. It performs 4 to 5 chains forward and backward and changes legs.
  • The obstacle: place a cushion or a small pillow on the ground to form a kind of obstacle. Jump on one foot and give yourself the impulse to pass over this improvised obstacle. It jumps, again and again, passes over the obstacle. Then change the leg.
  • The reverse direction: standing upright, simultaneously lifting the left arm and right leg, well tense. Hold 5 seconds and change limbs.

The pink flamingo

Daily balance exercises

You can make simple gestures daily to improve balance:

  • put on your socks standing, balancing on one foot
  • Climb the steps two at a time, without holding on to the railing
  • Brush your teeth in balance on one leg
  • move with a glass full of water to the edge without spilling it
  • stay standing in the subway, without holding
  • Play hopscotch with your children!

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