How to do effective Ladder Drills

How to do effective Ladder Drills

Ladder Drills

Using the agility ladder is a great way to improve footwork, foot speed, coordination, lateral sopped, quickness and preventing injuries by improving body control through proper movement mechanics.

These are the Ladder Drills you will see on this video, try them, test them and push yourself to the limit.

  1. Foot Runs
  2. Ickey Shuffle
  3. Backward Ickey Shuffle
  4. Ickey Shuffle High Leg
  5. In and Outs
  6. Backward In and Outs
  7. Lateral In and Outs
  8. Ali Shuffle
  9. Fighter Stance In and Outs
  10. Lateral Runs
  11. Wide Lateral runs
  12. Front Carioca
  13. Full Carioca
  14. Backward Carioca
  15. Dead Leg Knee Strike
  16. Up and Backs

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