Kyokushin the strong Karate

Kyokushin the strong Karate

The strong Karate

Kyokushin is considered the strongest karate, founded by the Korean Japanese Masutatsu Oyama, Kyokushin means “the ultimate truth”.
I would like to describe one of the many Kyokushin training sessions I have participated. It’s about time and all students line up from white, yellow, orange, blue, brown and black belt. We all salute our sensei, we immediately start warming up with all kinds of strong and tough exercises, no time to rest at all, not until the end of the class. We stretch our hips, legs, arms and lower back. Then we proceed to train with a partner with a session of middle blocks, punches…Seiken, Uraken, Shotei, Shuto…Shudan Soto Uke, Ude Uke, Gedan Barai…
After 10 minutes of nonstop work with punches and blocks we changed to work on our Stances just to rest, we worked on Zentutsu dachi, Neko ashi dachi, Sanchin dachi, Kokutso dachi and kiba dachi. Our legs were sore…
…our sensei tells us “pain is temporary, you’ll rest tonight when you sleep”, he told us “Kumite stance”, we did 10 repetitions of Mae geri, hiz geri, yoko geri, ushiro geri, mawashi geri, ushiro mawashi geri and mae tobi geri.

Our class ended in a Seisa zazen dachi we all meditated for two minutes, then we lined up and thanked Sensei for the class. Right after the class, we all cleaned the dojo.

Kyokushin Techniques

In this karate style, you will find the same kicks, punches, blocks, and techniques you see the traditional Karate but the difference you will find here is in the hard training you will receive.

Kyokushin Training

In this Karate style, you will find very strong karate exercises. You will train and learn how to harden your body, how to stand to any punishment, you will train to take your body to the next level. You will become stronger, more flexible, and healthier.

See Kyokushin Karate training with your own eyes on this video, 1 hour of 100% pure training.

Karate Techniques

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