How to do Kung Fu Eagle Claw Push Ups

Eagle Claw Push Ups

Hi, I am Sifu Romain, I am going to teach you how to do the eagle claw push-ups. Let’s begin. when you start out, by bending forward until your fingertips touch the ground. Getting a good stretch. And you walk out on your fingertips until you get a full push-up position. And you are going to do a push-up, and slowly walk it back. Now we take a look at the side view. You bend all the way down until your fingertips touch the ground. And you walk out on your fingertips, if your fingertips are not strong enough to do that on two hands, one hand can be flat, to get both fingertips strong enough to do. Then all we down at fingertips, all way in a push-up position, and walk it back. This is a great conditioning exercise, to stiffen your hands through eagle claws. This is one of the great conditioning exercise done by professionals. It will help them and get their hands from getting injured. I am Sifu Romain and that is eagle claw push-ups.