Krav Maga Techniques against guns

Krav Maga Techniques against guns

Krav Maga against guns

Guns attacks are serious, sometimes there is nothing you can do but this Israeli martial art has some techniques worth watching. Consider that a gun attack could come from any direction and to apply a technique successfully would depend on many factors, such as environment, the number of attackers, people around you, your experience and others.

First, you need to know the basics single technique movements, then as you learn more you put them together to master the entire sequence. It is recommended to practice with different opponents so you can feel the reality of different attacks. In the street, your attacker can be taller, stronger, shorter, man or female. So be ready and be openminded.

How to Defend against a Gun to the Face

How to Defend against Gun from the Rear

Please do not try to do these techniques on your own, these are only references which can help you understand what is Krav Maga and what it does. Find a certified instructor to learn these and other techniques, if you try these techniques on your own we are not responsible. Do the right thing and find a qualified studio. All these techniques need supervision.

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