Krav Maga Techniques against Grabs

Krav Maga Techniques against Grabs

Krav Maga against grabs

Grabs are difficult attacks, most of them are part of a continuous attack. A wrist grab can bring a punch or a weapon attack along. There could be a lapel, shoulder, arm, wrist or hair grab. Most martial arts deal with direct attacks but with grab attacks, there is no much time to do something. See what options you have with Krav Maga.

Krav Maga for Self-Defense Against a Shirt Grab

Alain Cohen, former Israeli Defense Forces member and founder of the Israeli Defense System Federation, teaches you hard-hitting krav maga techniques that he’s shared with hundreds of security professionals and krav maga instructors worldwide. An official krav maga and Thai boxing instructor authorized by the Israeli Sports Ministry and a former member of the Israeli Defense Forces, Alain Cohen also teaches tactical krav maga to security for air marshals, pilots, and crews.

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