Krav Maga the Israeli Martial Art

Krav Maga

There are several Martial Arts styles where there are systems of evolution with colored belts, where practitioners must learn forms or Katas. In Krav Maga, it’s all different and based on survival. On this page, we will review defensive and offensive techniques, punches, strikes, kicks, weapons attacks, attacks with one or more people, and the solution that Krav Maga gives to each one of these situations.

Is Krav Maga a martial art?

Krav Maga is a tactical and combative system for survival, we can find movements and techniques of martial arts to neutralize a threat. Traditional martial arts have a uniform according to their style, practitioners have to wear a belt, and in each degree have certain requirements, this does not exist in Krav Maga. Krav Maga is very effective on the street, is a very powerful style that was designed to neutralize various types of specific attacks, is highly recommended for personal protection.

Is Krav Maga effective for self-defense?

Krav Maga is an Israeli personal defense system, which has been put to the test thousands of times. It is not like the oriental martial arts that perform forms or Kata, in Krav Maga that does not exist. This system will teach counterattack and find solutions to simple, strong, and advanced attacks; attacks with weapons, organized attacks, kidnapping attempts, attacks by 2 people or more, and other types of attacks that traditional martial arts do not cover.


  • Educate and empower people mentally, spiritually, and physically so that in a time of need they are able to defend themselves and attack with maximum efficiency and speed.
  • Establish in yourself a sense of self-worth.
  • Work towards uniting hearts and ending violence around the world between people regardless of their color, race, or religion.

Israeli Martial Art – Learn Krav Maga

Krav Maga striking basic Techniques:

  • Fighting Stance
  • Kicking Techniques
  • Punching Techniques
  • Elbow Techniques
  • Knee Techniques

Defenses against Knives

An attack with a knife can cause severe damage and even death. All self-defense techniques against knives are dangerous and should be practiced with the guidance of a qualified instructor.

Techniques against chokes

Chokes or strangulation are serious attacks, can cause permanent damage to the brain if the supply of oxygen is cut off. The pressure is exerted on the neck with the hands or arm. It is so common for the aggressor to use both hands as only one. He can also use the forearm to compress the cervical structure. With such an attack the person can lose consciousness in approximately 10 seconds.

Techniques against two-man attacks

Attacks by two or more people are usually more violent since one attacker immobilizes the victim while the other attacks. There are also cases where both attackers simultaneously damage the victim. There may be attacks where there are weapons as well.

  • Real self-defense against two-man attack

Techniques against guns

Guns are dangerous, it requires a lot of skill to manipulate weapons and much more to defend against them if you have one. Firearms come in different sizes and shapes, not always an official technique as expected, it is important to know weapons to be able to decide whether a technique will work or not.

Knife attacks

Knife attacks are dangerous, keep in mind by defending yourself from a knife you might get cut in real life.

Grab attacks

Grabs are very common attacks and can come from any direction, but those do not come alone. In most of the cases a grab comes with a punch or strike.

Other Attacks

Of the aforementioned attacks, we can say that there are many more that may depend on other factors such as space, location, terrain, and time. We can also mention the abductions and rape.

Can I learn Krav Maga on my own?

It is possible that you can study certain simple movements, perform certain exercises or improve your physical preparation. It is important to understand that it is recommended to be under the instruction of a qualified instructor. There are many techniques that need to be supervised so you do not hurt yourself. Always research the instructor’s information, his history, where he started, how much time he has practiced, and his affiliation.

Does Krav Maga teach weapons?

Martial arts teach the use of traditional weapons as part of their curriculum. In Krav Maga weapons training is necessary, you learn to know the type of weapon, you study the use of these as it is necessary to understand how they are used so that you can defend yourself. The Krav Maga practitioner is always on the alert since you never know what kind of weapon an attacker might have. You will learn to use knives, pistols, clubs, and other types of weapons.

Please do not try these techniques on your own, we are not responsible for any accidents. Use these pages, videos, and information as a reference and seek certified guidance from a qualified instructor. If you are in Martial Arts school consult your instructor before trying any of these techniques and have supervision from a Black Belt instructor.

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