How to stop a Gun Attack on the side of the head

How to stop a Gun Attack on the side of the head

Gun Attack

This is what Krav Maga can do in hard situations like this. Remember it takes years of training to be able to master moves like the ones you will see, do not try this at home, find a certified Krav Maga training center where a certified instructor can guide you through a recommended program for you.

Keep in mind that a weapon aiming directly to you can cause severe damage even death. This is not a game, that is why these techniques are for those who have a few years of training.

You will also need to understand that depending on the situation sometimes these techniques might not work at all. Everything depends on multiple situations such as timing, place, training experience, number of attackers, etc.

Michael Ruppel from Krav Maga Street Defense explains defense for a gun to the side of the head.


  • Do not train with real guns.
  • Do not try any of these techniques on your own.
  • Seek professional guidance with a certified instructor.

Recommended Techniques

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