Krav Maga Front Knife attack Defenses


Krav Maga Front Knife attack Defenses

he Situation we will focus on in this video is when the attacker comes at you from the front, and surprises you with a straight stab to your abdominal area.

When you walk around outside, especially in places that are suspicious or considered dangerous, you must always be aware of your surroundings. Know how many people are surrounding you. If they look suspicious, glance at their hands and pockets to see if they are concealing a weapon.
Listen to your gut! If you feel uneasy about a certain situation than don’t just push those feeling a side. The best thing that you can do is leave the potentially dangerous situation. If you can’t or don’t want to then be aware and ready for physical confrontation.
1. When you see that the attacker is holding a knife, running away is your best option, if your attacker is very close and you can’t run then calm down; do not focus all of your attention on his weapon. Focusing on his weapon will cause you to panic, which can be fatal. Calm you attacker down; do not provoke him to attack you.
2. When the attacker stabs straight towards you, block the attackers arm using the 360 defence low outer block aim for his wrist. By blocking the attackers arm even if you miss the wrist of the hand holding the knife you still change the striking path of the knife, making it so that the knife won’t stab you. If possible simultaneously punch the attacker in the face with your other fist.

note: this block is very powerful and directing it to the wrist may knock the knife out of the attacker’s hand, if that happens simply precede with the technique.
3. Step into the side of the attacker that is holding the knife. Using the arm that blocked the knife trap the attackers arm to your body. Simultaneously, grab the attackers shoulder of the arm holding the knife and pull it down and towards you lowering the attackers center of mass.
4. As he attacker bends forwards and down, knee him in the face, stomach, or groin area violently. Make sure that the knife is still trapped in your other arm.

5. Step further around the attacker, while further lowing his upper bod
y and tightening the lock on his elbow and shoulder.

6. Pin the attacker down to the ground. If he has not dropped the knife you may add forwards pressure, dislocating the attackers shoulder joint.

7. Remember this move is for defensive purposes only. Do not try this unless you’re properly trained, or have proper supervision.

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