Rifle Attack in Krav Maga

Rifle Attack

Rifle Attack

These are solutions for rifle threats, one at close range aiming at you and the other one on your back. Remember Krava Maga is not a competition Martial Art, you learn how to survive to extreme situations.

Rear attack with a rifle Step by Step

  1. Keep your hands up
  2. When you turn back,  keep your hands up so when you turn you can push the rifle away
  3. Control its movement by kneeing the groin
  4. Then proceed to take the weapon and reduce the attacker
  5. Be ready to anything because he might still try to go after you

Krav Maga option 2 for a rifle attack

This is a simple but very effective technique you can learn easily.

  1. Make sure to keep your hands up
  2. Quickly push the rifle out of your range
  3. Step in making sure you control the rifle’s movement
  4. Knee the groin
  5. Remove the weapon
  6. Make sure you reduce him and be ready for any other attack because he might still try to do something

Remember in real-life situations there is no room for error, that is why when you train do it consciously, do your very best. There are no second chances once you are in the street, you won’t tell your attacker “can you hit me again, this one did not work”, he will attack you full force and will not have mercy.  Yes, that is how is on the street.


  1. Never attempt to take away the weapon without basic proper training
  2. If you are in a real situation do not try to be a hero if you are not 100% certain your training will help you complete the technique

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