Koryo Black belt Taekwondo form

This is Koryo Black belt Taekwondo form


Koryo is the name of an old Korean Dynasty which moves are reflected in this Poomsae. During this period the Koreans defeated the Mongols, think of this form as the strength, power, and energy of the Koreans fighting the Mongol invasion.

The black belt is the last step for many but it would be the beginning of a new level of training and competing for others. This is a form of 50 movements, it is also part of the requirements for 1st Kup Red Belt with a black tag to 1st Degree Black Belt.

  • Koryo is the black belt form that you would see at most black belt tournaments at the black belt division. You are looking for speed, timing, technique, and control.


  • Learn every step by knowing what you are doing. Learn the attack and you will learn the counter-attack.
  • Work on your stances, they need to be strong and solid; keep your back straight at all times.
  • Your eyes should be looking at the front, look over your shoulder before your turn.

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