Knuckle Push-Ups

how to do Knuckle Push-Ups

Knuckle Push-Ups

Knuckle Push-Ups are just a variation of a traditional push-up. You start by being on the same basic push up position then make a fist. The contact should be your two first knuckles because are directly supported by your wrists. This is part of Traditional Karate training.

This kind of push up is far better than the traditional one because adds pressure to your wrists making them stronger.

The main target is your chest and triceps. If you have never done these before then it is recommended to have a mat, towel, or some sort of padded surface. If you are a martial artist then you know these push-ups will help you get tougher punches.


  • Use a mat before getting started if you have never done this before.
  • Keep your back straight, arms, shoulders aligned.
  • Go slow with your first repetitions because your knuckles will face tons of pressure.
  • Divide your knuckle push-ups into repetitions of 10 if you are a beginner.

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