Knife attack at the parking lot


Knives are easy to carry; they are light and are used at close range. Many of you have never been attacked with one, some might have trained a couple of moves, and some have taken it more seriously and worked on learning about the techniques.

A criminal feels strong by having a weapon if it is a knife he will use it if he does not get what he wants. Now just imagine it is late, you walk to your car when you see a guy walking to you, he gets close and takes his knife out, he is asking for your wallet and car keys. He’s getting closer and you are against the wall, nowhere to run. This is how many of the thousand attacks are. Criminals wait until they see a potential victim, then they go for the kill.

The same way like a lioness, they wait and when they locate a victim they go slowly till they get to it. Some guys could have years of training in many arts but when it comes to blades all those years could be useless.

There are a few things to consider regarding knifes:

  • It is important to learn how to use a knife and in order to counter attack it.
  • Circular and straight cuts are the most common.
  • When training try not to block the blade and target the wrist.
  • The wrong angle, the wrong move, and the wrong attitude can be deadly, so train for all options and think.

I have trained Krav Maga and I like the effectiveness against weapons of all kinds, I have also trained Kenpo Karate for years, even though I know so many self-defense I don’t think I am 100% ready for a knife attack.

We will be sharing many self-defenses and study them here; we will also appreciate your point of view as well.

Now, let me ask you, are you ready to defend yourself against a knife attack at night?? You are ready to open your car and a guy shows up, there is no room, you are against the wall. What would you do?

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