How to stop a Knife attack to the throat

Knife attack Krav Maga

A Knife attack is serious one because your life depends on it. Knives are easy to get and can be carried easily, basically anyone can get one. When dealing with knife attacks you have to understand what you will get cut at close range and these are options and tools for you to use. To master these techniques will take you time but they can save your life in extreme situations where you would not have any other option.

  • Please analyze these videos and see them as an option.  If you are interested in learning more about Krav Maga we recommend you to look for a Krav Maga studio near you and see it for yourself.

A knife can cause pretty deep injuries, it can even cause death.

This is a front direct threat with a knife to the neck. In Krav Maga you need to be explosive to get the results you want.

A rear knife attack is far different from a front attack because you cannot see the attacker, you don’t know if he has more weapons or if there is someone else coming or close to him. At this point you need to analyze the situation before deciding to do something, but in the case you decide to counterattack then make sure you:

  • Secure the wrist
  • Stop or block, disable, break the arm
  • Immediate explosive counter attack
  • finish the attacker


  • If the attacker tries to cut you and you stop him somehow then keep going otherwise he will recover and will hurt you more.
  • If you don’t have the proper training do not try to deal with a knife if attacked in the street.
  • It is better to walk out alive than with a cut, don’t try to be a superhero.

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