Kicking Bag Drills for any Martial Art

Bag Drills for martial arts

Kicking Bag Drills

To improve your kicking techniques you need to consider that you need to have a reasonable balance and stretching. You need to spend time warming up and doing proper stretches before training. Remember to:

  • Stretch properly
  • Keep your eyes on the target
  • Keep your hands up
  • Do not over extend your leg when you kick, you might hurt your knee or ankle
  • Remember that the power you produce with your kick has to be transferred
  • To add power to your kick use you hips

Kicking drills from Muay Thai are always more intense than in Taekwondo, you might wonder why; it is because the Muay Thai fighter is constantly training to win in a fight otherwise he will get hurt pretty bad. In Taekwondo they don’t fight like that, the contact is based on point scoring to certain targets besides Taekwondo fighters wear protection gear at all times while sparring.

Taekwondo Techniques

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