How to counter Roundhouse Kicks

How to counter Roundhouse Kicks

Roundhouse kick

The Roundhouse kick is a deadly weapon, if is used wisely can become a KO kick. Some fighters are flexible but don’t have the balance, some do have the balance but don’t apply the needed power on that kick. Here is a list of things to watch out regarding Roundhouse kicks:

  • If your opponent has powerful kicks, then don’t give him room to kick
  • Use leg kicks to counter the roundhouse kicks
  • Use leg kicks only on 1 leg, he won’t kick with that leg, he won’t kick with the other because he knows you’ll punish that one
  • Move while punching or striking on his side, this will make him adjust his stance to be able to kick
  • Counter his kicks with knees to his stomach, if you do this he will eventually stop kicking you
  • Punch him directly to his face every time he kicks, this will make him retrieve his kick, it may land but won’t have any power.
  • Use your front knee to disable his balance by pushing his front leg, he won’t try to kick after he feels you knee pushing him.
  • Use a back spinning kick to the stomach, this is a good alternative, especially when you know his kicks are not strong enough anymore
  • Use a leg kick to sweep him off when he kicks, you might get the kick but as soon as you kick off his other leg he will be off balance
  • Don’t just block the kick if you can’t avoid it, counter attack on the spot as you block. Most fighters don’t expect a counter while they attack.

Kickboxing Countering Roundhouse Kicks

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