How to Counter the Aggressive Striker

How to Counter the Aggressive Striker

Counter the Aggressive Striker

Aggressive strikers are common, you might find a few of them in some tournaments, some of them are lower ranks in martial arts or amateurs. Some of them tend to be aggressive right away just to get you scared, some just throw whatever they can at you but don’t have the proper technique which can be used as an advantage.

What to do with Aggressive Strikers

  • Most of them repeat their moves over and over, wait and use one of those to counter.
  • Stop him with a powerful kick to his ribs, you could use a front kick, roundhouse with your shin or one of my favorites repetitive leg kicks to the same spot on one leg only.
  • Get him tired by moving around him, then when’s he tired sweep him over and over.
  • Apply a few leg kicks to his calf, that will calm him down or stop him right away.
  • No matter what you choose to do always move around him.

We all have faced an aggressive Striker once, f you have not then sooner or later you might. If you have then you know there has to be a way to work with it. One of the first things you need to do is be calm, do not show fear or lack of confidence. He’s a human being and will eventually get tired too.

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