Kenpo Karate Techniques and Requirements

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American Kenpo Karate is a very interesting art, all the moves are based on self-defense techniques. There are sets and forms which are made with parts of current self-defense techniques against pushes, grabs, holds, knife attacks, gun attacks, 2 attackers and other forms of attack.

In Kenpo Karate, there is a question “what if…”. All Kenpo karate have extensions on their self-defense, the moves are totally prepared to leave the “what if” out of the picture. The economy of motion is another concept Ed introduced which implies to use all your weapons synchronized with your body movement, so it becomes natural to execute 3 or 4 moves with 1 step through, rear crossover, or any other technique.

Some think Kenpo has too many self-defense per rank, some think a few don’t really work, other think there should be fewer self-defenses and keep the most effective ones. We have also heard from many instructors that it would be a good idea to develop updated techniques, Ed. Parker created them in the 60’s, in those days the attacks we way different than now, the mindset nowadays is way different.

This is a guide based on how I learned my Kenpo Karate Techniques and Requirements, there are several Kenpo systems where their requirements might be different, with different self-defense names, in a different order and other forms you might not have heard at all. This list and pages are based on how the system was left and taught by GM Ed. Parker the founder of American Kenpo Karate.

Here you can learn the techniques that were taught as a complete system by Ed.Parker.

American Kenpo Basics

American Kenpo Karate Belt Requirements

These first three ranks are considered beginners, here is where the foundation of real Kenpo begins. White belt has only basics and no self-defense techniques. Yellow belt has 10 self-defense techniques and in Orange Belt, there are 24 self-defense techniques.

These three belts are considered intermediate.

Here is where the party begins, advanced techniques start with extensions, in some Kenpo systems these extensions are taught in the black belt rank only. If the main technique is done correctly then the attacker “would not survive” and these extensions would not be needed, but see them as options in the case something goes wrong.


American Kenpo Karate Forms

Kenpo Weapons form

American Kenpo Karate Sets

En Español: Técnicas y Requerimientos del Kenpo Karate


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