How to do Sword of Destruction Self Defense Technique

How to do Sword of Destruction Self Defense Technique

Sword of Destruction

This is another Kenpo Karate Self defense technique in the Yellow belt rank, a technique against a Left Roundhouse Punch. A very effective technique, and easy to learn which is also part of the base techniques you will find in the upper ranks.

  • As the Left Roundhouse punch comes in while are in an attention stance or in a fighting stance.
  • Step toward 6:00 with your left foot to form a right neutral bow stance then┬áDeliver a right extended outward block while your left hand is checking

  • Deliver a right front snapping ball kick to the groin, this kick will make the attacker lean forward and drop his hands.
  • Plant your right foot forward into a right neutral bow stance.

  • Deliver a right snapping inward downward diagonal hand sword strike to the neck when you land your foot after the kick.
  • Keep your hands up
  • Cover toward 6:00.

Here GM Jesus Flores executes and also explains this technique.


  • Keep your hands up when you deliver the front kick to the groin.
  • Your left hand is always checking.
  • After the hand sword to the neck keep your hands up.

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