Kenpo Karate Strikes

Kenpo Karate Strikes

This section is one of the most important ones because these are considered the core arsenal and “Lego” pieces of Kenpo Karate. Every Kenpo Karate technique uses a set of techniques that have at least one of these strikes. Kenpo Karate strikes are what makes each form and self-defense unique, plus with unified with Kenpo principles, angles, and universal pattern we can learn why each technique is like that.

Here is the list of American Kenpo Karate Strikes you will find in all Kenpo Self defenses.

  1. Inward Hand sword
  2. Outward Hand sword
  3. Back Hammer Fist
  4. Inward Elbow
  5. Outward Elbow
  6. Obscure Back Elbow
  7. Inward Reverse Hand sword
  8. Outward Back Knuckle
  9. Inward Diagonal Knuckle Rake
  10. Straight Heel of Palm
  11. Inward Hammer Fist
  12. Inward Overhead Elbow
  13. Outward Overhead Elbow
  14. Upward Elbow Strike
  15. Center Knuckle Thrust
  16. Inward Horizontal Heel of Palm
  17. Underhand Heel of Palm
  18. Inside Vertical Forearm
  19. Outward Heel of Palm
  20. Obscure Elbow Strike

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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