Kenpo Karate Short Form 1

This is Short form 1 in Kenpo Karate

Short Form 1

Short form 1, this form is a yellow belt requirement and in some studios has been found in the orange belt. It is a basic form that teaches how to react from an attack, simple stance, and simple blocks. The stances you see here are attention, training horse and neutral bow.
The blocks you see are vertical outward, upward, downward, inside downward and hammering inward. You also execute a real elbow strike while blocking and you do four basic angles.

  • This form teaches you to maintain a proper posture, how to move away from your opponent and block. Timing, it teaches you peripheral vision.

Since this is a basic form is considered the foundation of all the other forms and it encourages you to maintain a constant level when moving and not to elevate your head while moving forward or stepping back while blocking.


  • Maintain height in your positions, keep your back straight.
    You must finish your form in the same place you started it.

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En Español: Forma Corta 1 en Kenpo Karate