Kenpo Karate Short Form 1

Kenpo Karate Short Form 1

Short Form 1

Short Form 1 is a fundamental form in Kenpo Karate, typically required for yellow belt and sometimes even orange belt. It serves as an introduction to the basic principles of martial art, such as how to react to an attack and how to execute simple blocks and strikes.

The form features several stances commonly used in Kenpo Karate, including the Attention Stance, which is used for focus and discipline, the Training Horse Stance, which helps develop stability and balance, and the Neutral Bow Stance, which provides a strong base for executing strikes and blocks.

Through Short Form 1, students learn the importance of proper footwork, hand positioning, and body mechanics. The form emphasizes the use of short, efficient movements, making it an ideal starting point for beginners who are just beginning to learn the basics of American Kenpo Karate.

Short Form 1 Blocks

The blocks you see in this form are the following:

The yellow belt requirement form, known as Short Form 1, is fundamental in Kenpo Karate. It instructs the practitioner on maintaining a proper posture and how to respond to an attack by utilizing simple stances and blocks. This form emphasizes the importance of timing and peripheral vision. It also introduces the practitioner to a real elbow strike, which is executed while blocking.

Short Form 1 is often considered the foundation of all other forms in Kenpo Karate, as it sets the standard for maintaining a consistent level when moving and blocking.

Practitioners are taught to avoid elevating their heads while moving forward or stepping back. This form is also a great way to build muscle memory for the four basic angles, which are essential for self-defense and sparring.


Short form 1 is a fundamental form in Kenpo Karate that focuses on teaching the correct execution of basic blocks, strikes, and stances. To perform this form effectively, there are some key recommendations to keep in mind.

  • Firstly, it is essential to maintain height in your positions and keep your back straight throughout the form. This will help you to maintain proper posture and alignment, which is crucial for effective technique execution and preventing injury.
  • Secondly, it is important to make sure that you execute your blocks correctly on both sides. This will ensure that you develop balanced technique and proficiency in both left and right-hand techniques. It will also help you to avoid developing any muscle imbalances that can lead you to lose your balance while working on your form.
  • Lastly, it is critical to finish your form in the same place you started it. This recommendation emphasizes the importance of precision and attention to detail. It also helps to ensure that you practice your form symmetrically and avoid any unnecessary movements or steps. This is crucial when competing at a tournament with forms, it can make the difference from winning to losing.

Short Form 1 Additional recommendation

It is important to maintain a consistent pace throughout the entire form, neither moving too fast nor too slow. This will help you develop control and precision in your movements, and ensure that you are able to execute each technique properly.

Recommended Kenpo Forms

The following forms are the evolution of Short Form 1, to learn and understand them you must know your Short Form 1 before you learn these:

Kenpo Karate Techniques

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