Kenpo Karate Self Defense Technique Gift of destruction

This is Gift of Destruction

Gift of destruction

This self-defense against a handshake, it is found in the orange belt rank.

Step by step:

  • With right hand shaking and while standing naturally, hop directly forward or slightly to your left to 11 o’clock, depending on circumstances, with our left foot as your right-hand pull your opponent’s right hand toward and past your right hip.
  • With the above action, simultaneously strike in and against the joint of your opponent’s right elbow with your left heel of palm as you deliver a right knee kick to opponent’s groin or stomach.
  • As you plant your right foot forward (toward 10 o’clock) and against the inside portion of opponent’s right knee, (in a right neutral bow) deliver a right inward horizontal elbow strike to left jaw of opponent while checking opponent’s right arm down with your left hand.
  • Cover out.

Gift of Destruction with the Extension

By Mr.Sibora Chan, Associate Master of the Arts 8th degree Black Belt. Founder of “The Brotherhood of American Kenpo Karate”.


  • When you hold the right hand, twist the elbow and deliver your right knee you need to do it all in one move, you need to be explosive in this part because this will disable your opponent all at once.

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