Kenpo Karate Long Form 1

Long Form 1

Long Form 1

Long Form 1 is found on purple belt, in some systems is found on the advanced purple belt and blue belt. You will see attacks, blocks, strikes, punches in several directions, then you will see some moves are repeated three times; three downward blocks, three inward blocks, outward blocks, three upward blocks, and others.

Another unusual option is to find some forms are being done on both sides, some instructors teach only one side, Professor Juan Serrano shows both sides and even performs them at full speed. Many of us were taught only 1 side and never knew about the other side till we got to brown belt. Does your Kenpo Karate lineage teach you 1 or both sides?


  • Keep your stances shoulder width.
  • It’s not about speed is about accuracy on every punch, strike, and execution.

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