Kenpo Karate Kicking set 1

How to do Kicking set 1 in American Kenpo Karate

American Kenpo Karate Kicking set 1

Kicking set 1 teaches many things, it is a set divided into four sections, it has 20 moves, you find it in the orange belt rank in most Kenpo Karate Styles. It is a basic set but it has very important moves that are the base of the other sets and forms. You have all the most important stances, 4 kicks combined with different foot maneuvers.

Kicking Set 1 Step by Step

  1. You start on a Left Neutral Bow
  2. Right Step-Through Front kick
  3. Right Front cross over knife-edge kick
  4. Right Drag Step Roundhouse kick
  5. Left Spinning Rear Kick
  6. Cover to Left Neutral Bow
  7. Right Step-Through Knife edge kick
  8. Right Drag Step Front Kick
  9. Right Drag Step Roundhouse kick
  10. Right Drag Step Rear Kick
  11. Cover to Right Neutral Bow
  12. Left Spinning Rear Kick
  13. Left Drag Step Roundhouse kick
  14. Left Drag Step Front Kick
  15. Left Drag Step Knife Edge
  16. Cover to Left Neutral Bow
  17. Right Step Through Roundhouse Kick
  18. Left Spinning Rear Kick
  19. Right Step-Through Front Kick
  20. Left Step Through Knife Edge Kick to Horse Stance


  • Keep your back straight.
  • Maintain your hight, do not go up and down between kicks.
  • Keep your hands up at all times.

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