Kenpo Karate Front Kick

Kenpo Karate Front Kick

Kenpo Karate Front Kick

This is the Front Kick in Kenpo Karate, it is a basic kick but found on many self-defense techniques and also part of a common attack.

The front kick is basically a kick for the middle section and the main targets are the groin or the stomach. This front kick can be a:

  • Front Snap Kick: This kick is used to create a reaction in the opponent, mostly executed with the front leg. If I kick the stomach his hands will go to the middle section to protect, if I kick the groin the attacker will lean forward and will protect his groin.
  • Front Thrust Kick: This kick is used to create distance and to kick the attacker away from you, mostly executed with the back leg.

The Kenpo Karate Front Kick is one of those kicking techniques you will use on many self-defense techniques and forms. There are some variations but mostly are executed from a strong Neutral Stance.

Kenpo Karate Front Kick Step by Step

  • Your starting position is your fighting stance
  • You are kicking with the back leg
  • Bring the back leg to the front by raising your knee
  • Your knee aims the target now extend your leg and kick
  • Land your foot safely and go back to your fighting stance
  • Repeat with your other side as you switch your fighting stance


  • The knee comes up first then deliver your kick
  • Always keep your hands up with any kick
  • Align your body properly

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