Checking the Storm Self defense technique

Checking the Storm

This is a Yellow belt self-defense technique, here you can see Professors Cliff Seminerio and Juan Serrano. This technique is against an Overhead Club Attack. In Kenpo Karate there are certain words that have a certain meaning, for example, a Storm which is a stick.

Let’s go over the technique:

  • As the attack comes in, right step to your4 o’clock while you execute a left outward block.
  • Deliver a left front kick to the groin or middle section.
  • As your left foot comes down adjust your foot to allow your right leg deliver a knife-edge kick to his right knee.
  • When your right foot meets the ground deliver a right back knuckle.
  • Step back and cover-up.


  • On the street kick the groin, that will disable the attacker faster.
  • In the dojo kick the stomach.
  • Careful with the knife edge kick, you might hurt your partner.
  • You don’t have to take the club, you can hammer the arm and the attacker will drop it.
  • By kicking in the groin he should be able to drop the weapon.


This is another analysis of Checking the Storm that we consider very interesting. This is videos is from Grand Master Flores.

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