Keiko Uchi in Karate Step by Step

Keiko Uchi in Karate

Keiko Uchi

This is Keiko Uchi in Karate. This is a unique strike that is not very common nor is it widely used in karate, it is possible to see it in some self-defense techniques. It is known as the chicken beak hand strike.

Your fingers should be tightly together with the thumb joining them in the middle. Keep in mind your hand has small bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles; it is easy to get injured that is why you need to make sure your hand is properly making a good Keiko Uchi before striking.

Keiko Uchi targets

The target areas for Keiko Uchi are many specific ones such as the eyes, the nose, the front of the neck, the side of the neck, and the groin.

This strike can also be used for hooking, for example, you could strike the eyes and then use the same handshape to grab the neck and pull for a knee strike in the groin.

It is not recommended to use it against hard parts of the body because you might injure your wrist and fingers.

When striking the growing area with Keiko Uchi you can use it in the following scenarios:

  • When you are attacked from behind with a bear hug attack.
  • When an attacker is pulling you from behind.
  • When an attacker is pulling you or grabbing you from the side.
  • Or any similar attack.

Keiko Step by Step

  • You can execute this strike from a Kiba Dachi
  • Chamber to prepare the strike just like any other punch
  • Start by striking with your right hand first while your left hand is on the side of your body
  • Repeat the same strike with your other side while your right hand is on your right side
  • Alternate the strikes.
Keiko Uchi Strike in Karate
Keiko Uchi Strike in Karate


  • Retract your arm right away after the strike
  • Do not overextend your arm when striking
  • Do not lean forward along with the strike
  • Go back to your original fighting stance and keep your hands ready at all times

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