Taikyoku Sono San – Kyokushin Kata

Kata Taikyoku Sono San

Taikyoku Sono San

This is Kata Taikyoku Sono San. This is intermediate Kata where the student will learn to block and counter-attack.

The stances, movements, blocks, turnings of this kata are similar to Taikyoku Sono Ichi except for the punch Seiken Chudan Tsuki. Here we use the punch Seiken Jodan Tsuki which is a punch to the face.

There is a Kiai on the third punch heading to the front, and then another Kiai when heading back again on the third punch.

Here we can find the following techniques and combinations:

  • Neko Ashi Dachi andĀ Uchi Uke
  • Zentuksu Dachi and Zuki
  • Zentuksu Dachi and Gedan Barai
  • Zentuksu Dachi and Zuki

Taikyoku Sono San Step by Step


  • Keep all stances the same
  • Keep your back straight at all times
  • Look at your next target before turning and blocking
  • Make sure you execute each movement with ease and control
  • Practice your basic moves and you can execute it in a perfect manner

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