Karate Weight loss Summer secret Revealed


Karate Weight loss secret Revealed

As a martial arts instructor I have been asked several times how to stay in shape with minimum effort. My answer is mostly simple, and here it is.

Weight loss is always one of the big concerns for everyone, it becomes a problem when many turn into pills, strange methods and starvation. What many do not know is that sometimes when everything else fails it could mean that there is a thyroid problem which is sometimes the reason you are always tired and can lose weight.

Food is not like it used to, there are many ingredients on it that can make you feel strange, tired and put you on the couch watching TV and do nothing. Gluten is one of them which is like glue on most of breads and foods so they can blend together to stay firm. If you mix flour with water you will notice an elastic property on the dough that allows the bread to rise, that is gluten.

Several studies relate many brain disorders with gluten; just go to your web browser and search. There is a serious disease called Cerebellar Ataxia that involves the inability to coordinate balance, movements, talking, walking and others; it is believed that this is partly caused by gluten.

Unfortunately gluten acts like a drug, it is addictive, just think about crunchy bread, or a toast, pizza with a nice crust, donuts, muffins, cakes…well all those are addictive, but have you tried the gluten free versions? Those are easy to digest and you won’t feel like you ate a cow after it.

Losing weight and look slim is easier than everyone think. This comes to my personal results, my sister is a nutritionist and once talking about food I made some conclusions and decided to put them to a test.

Now let me share with you my weight loss secret, it is simple but if you follow it, you WILL lose weight and feel better.

1.- Drink more water everyday

We are 70% water, when you drink more water your body will digest better, your blood circulation will improve, your kidneys will filter blood better, you will eliminate toxins better, your cells will clean up much more, your skin will look better.
But not just any water, try to have filtrated water, reverse osmosis water is recommended.

2.- Eat less Carbohydrates

Try to eat less breads, cereals, grains, cakes, cookies and sugar added products. Carbohydrates take more time to digest and will make you feel sleepy, that is why you don’t feel like walking or exercising after eating these products. Carbohydrates are stored most of the time because your body does not need them that much, you can see it stored on your triceps, legs, chest and middle section.

3.-Eat more protein

Protein like fish, beef, chicken and turkey. Our bodies respond better when we have these foods, you will feel energized and you will want to do things like walking, cleaning and work.

4.- Eat more often

Yes, you heard it right, just like a car that needs gas to run your body needs food to run too, but don’t just add cheap stuff to it, give it premium gas or food, have healthy snacks of super food, go to google.com and search for super food and super snacks.

5.- Sleep your 8 hours

You need to sleep enough so your body can recharge, just like your phone needs to be charged so you can talk and text, the same goes to your body, you need to rest to charge yourself. What happens if you don’t sleep enough??? well you whine all the time, you are grumpy, you forget things, you don’t want to work, you are not nice, your face looks like you hate everyone….so sleep when you need to.

6.- Move more

Lastly, have a routine that allows you to exercise, do something different at least twice a week, I would recommend three times a week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday is perfect, so on weekends you can do anything you want but remember you need to have an activity that allows your body to stretch muscles and work with them. If your muscles are weak you will be weak, if your back has weak muscles you will back aches more often. For example I train Martial arts 4 times a week for 1 hour; this keeps my body strong enough to be able to handle what I need.

That is the secret, just 6 steps, follow them and apply them to your life and you will lose weight and feel better, proven by a martial arts black belt.

My last recommendation is really important, do yourself a big favor, read the labels, the food you buy has labels, read them, learn what is in your food, then make a decision if is good for you or not, read and learn about what you eat.

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