Karate Rules in the World Karate Federation- Kumite Scoring System

Karate Rules World Karate Federation

Karate Rules & Kumite Scoring

These are the most updated Karate Rules for scoring in Kumite by the World Karate Federation. These are really clean techniques for clean points, Master them and add them to your training routine to get better at them.


  • Yuko A – One Point – Straight Punch to the body
  • Yuko B – One Point – Straight Punch to the face
  • Wazari – Two Points – Middle Kick to the body
  • Ippon A – Three Points – Hook Kick to the head
  • Ippon B -Three Points – Punch to the body when the opponent has been taken to the ground

Kumite Scoring System by the World Karate Federation

Karate Kumite Training

This is a training session for Karate based on the Karate Rules in the World Karate Federation. You can use this video to give you an idea of how you should be training for Kumite.


  • In Kumite is not how strong you can punch, is how fast you can reach your target to score.
  • When sparring relax and have your techniques ready to attack and counter-attack.
  • Move-in the ring, if you don’t then you will be an easy target.

Prohibited Techniques

Do not attempt to execute these techniques or you can be disqualified.

  • Do not kick the legs
  • Do not kick the knees
  • Do not kick the groin
  • Do not kick the spine
  • Do not punch the groin
  • Do not punch the legs
  • Do not punch the neck
  • Do not punch the spine
  • Do not grab
  • Do not grapple

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