Karate Rules in the World Karate Federation- Kumite Scoring System

Karate Rules World Karate Federation

Karate Rules & Kumite Scoring

These are the most updated Karate Rules for scoring in Kumite by the World Karate Federation. These are really clean techniques for clean points, Master them and add them to your training routine to get better at them.


  • Yuko A – One Point – Straight Punch to the body
  • Yuko B – One Point – Straight Punch to the face
  • Wazari – Two Points – Middle Kick to the body which could be a: front kick, side kick, roundhouse kick, or back kick.
  • Ippon A – Three Points – Hook Kick to the head
  • Ippon B -Three Points – Punch to the body when the opponent has been taken to the ground

Kumite Scoring System by the World Karate Federation

Most Effective Kicks for Kumite

It is good to know many kicks in Martial Arts but when it comes to sparring or Kumite there are a few that will get you the points you need to win your match. Remember is not about power is about speed, accuracy, and control. You need to get there before your opponent makes a move.

These are the most recommended kicks which will give you exactly the results you need:

Work on your flexibility to improve your kicking techniques, because when everyone is stretching you are using the same time to improve your kicking techniques, always stay ahead.

The following video has 18 effective stretching exercises you can do to improve your kicking techniques.

Karate Kumite Training

This is a training session for Karate based on the Karate Rules in the World Karate Federation. You can use this video to give you an idea of how you should be training for Kumite. Pay attention to the way the competitors move inside the ring.

Train hard, move around inside the ring, and become explosive, this will help you score faster during your match.

Karate Rules Recommendations

  • In Kumite is not how strong you can punch, is how fast you can reach your target to score.
  • When sparring relax and have your techniques ready to attack and counter-attack.
  • Move around inside the ring, if you don’t then you will be an easy target.
  • Do not look at the judges, do not look at the scorekeepers, do not look at the audience, and keep your eyes on your opponent at all times.
  • Do not argue with the judges or scorekeepers
  • Stay calm and concentrate on your match

Karate Rules Recommendations

Prohibited Techniques

Do not attempt to execute these techniques or you can be disqualified. It is important to learn about all the prohibited techniques and take them out of your mind. Be honest and do not harm your opponent.

  • Do not kick the legs
  • Do not kick the knees
  • Do not kick the groin
  • Do not kick the spine
  • Do not punch the groin
  • Do not punch the legs
  • Do not punch the neck
  • Do not punch the spine
  • Do not grab
  • Do not grapple
  • Do not push your opponent
  • Do not pull your opponent

If you or your opponent use any of these prohibited techniques you will get a warning, if the technique was executed on purpose you will get a point deducted from the score. If there is a second prohibited technique you will be disqualified and sanctioned.

If you are sanctioned you might be banned from future Karate tournaments.

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