Karate Kumite

Learn how to do Karate Kumite Training before the tournament

Kumite Warm-up techniques

A great Kumite warm-up routine to be successful in a tournament. Speed and timing, some of the most important ingredients on any Kumite. I think this is the perfect training routine which can also have a practical use in the dojo and have everyone involved in the training.

Here are some useful Kumite combinations:

  • Faint a front kick with your front leg then shuffle in with a punch with your backhand.
  • Faint a punch with your front hand and use the momentum to turn and deliver a back kick.
  • Touch the front leg with your front leg pretending to sweep the leg, use the momentum to turn and execute a back kick.
  • Round kick with your front leg and punch to the face with the backhand.
  • Side snap kick and hook kick.
  • Shuffle to his outer side with a back hammer fist to the face when you see him coming.
  • Shuffle in on your second step with a front kick and a follow-up punch.

These are the most effective kicks in karate Sparring:

  • Mawashi Geri/Round House
  • Yoko Geri Keage/Side Kick
  • Ushiro Geri/Back Kick

Karate Techniques

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The main image was taken at theĀ World Championships 2012 Karate, this picture is licensed under Creative Commons