Karate Kumite in WKF

This is Karate Kumite inWKF

Kumite in Karate is a match man on man, in the World Karate Federation Kumite has strict rules and you are required to have the required gear which are:

  • Approved Kumite Gloves
  • Approved Kumite shinguards and shoes.
  • Mouthguard
  • Approved traditional Karate Uniform.
  • Red and blue belt.

All competitors need to be respectful at all times, you are required to bow before entering the ring, the judges, the center referee and of course your opponent. The center referee will stop the fight when he sees a clear point to call or when the corner judges call one. They use the flag system to call points.

The following video will give you a general idea of how WKF Kumite works.

  • In traditional Kumite based on the World Karate Federation rules you need to have control on your techniques, you cannot hurt your opponent but be fast enough to be able to connect and your kick or punch at the right time to score a point, so timing is crucial.


You don’t need too many techniques in Kumite, you need to master just a few but you need speed to be able to score before your opponent does.

Here you have details on the scoring:

Recommended Karate Techniques

Main Traditional Karate

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