Karate Black Belt Happy Hour – MC Dojo?


Is this a Test, Demo, Zumba or MC Dojo?

I have visited many martial arts school and trained at several martial arts training centers. I have never seen anything like this in my life…but I have seen orange belts doing FAR better than all of them together…

Is there any other kick than the sidekick? At the black belt level, you should know or be able to execute at least 20 different kicking techniques with maneuvers, from different angles and different heights as well. All the techniques you see in this video are repetitive, it is easy to know what your opponent will do. If any of these black belts are attacked on the street I am pretty sure some might end up in the ER.

Martial Arts regardless of the style should not look like this, black belts should look strong and knowledgeable.

What do you think???

Here is the original video without the sound effects.

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