Kansetsu Geri – Knee Joint Kick

This is Kansetsu Geri - Knee Joint Kick

Kansetsu Geri is a direct side kick technique to the knee, the sole purpose of this kick is to disable the attacker on the spot for self-defense purposes only.

Step by step

  • You could be in your fighting stance or a normal standing stance
  • Look at your target, lift your knee and deliver your kick to the knee
  • Go back to your initial standing stance

The same principle as a Yoko geri but aiming the knee joint.


  • Since this kicking technique is for self-defense purposes only control yourself if you need to demonstrate this kick because you can hurt someone, I would just explain where its hits and I would demonstrate by throwing the kick in the air if you are testing for your next rank.
  • In self-defense, you can use it to stop someone under a threat attack going after you.

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