Jumping Spinning Hook Kick

In this article, we study the basic requirements to successfully execute this kick, which can also be very harmful and that if used with control can give you good results in Sports Karate. It might be effective in Self Defense but many would disagree.

  • This kick requires a lot of skills, a product of the good practice of flexibility sessions, and the basic kick without the jump. It is a kick that is widely used in demonstrations of board breaking and tricking. It is possible to use it in Kumite, it is used in Kyokushin Kai and it is possible to knock out the opponent. Known as Ura Mawashi Tobi Geri in Karate.

Jumping Spinning Hook Kick in Taekwondo Step by Step

You are required to know and master certain moves to be able to perform this kick and those are:

Jumping Spinning Hook Kick Step by Step

  • Get started in your Fighting stance with your left foot back
  • Step forward with your left foot forming a circle as you bend and turn your body
  • Bring both knees up as you turn and jump at the same time
  • Stretch your right leg to execute a hook kick, use your hip to add more power
  • Keep turning with your hook kick and land on your fighting stance


  • Flexibility is key in this kicking technique, you must stretch your hips, lower back, and legs evenly.
  • You must practice the jump and the turn first, then together.
  • Flexibility is required, if you are not flexible enough you will get injured, you need to stretch your lower back, hips, and both legs. Here is a very good article to help develop it: How to Do the Splits in Two Weeks or Less

How to block this kick?

These are the following options you have:

  • More around your opponent, the more you move the better because it will be difficult to kick a moving target.
  • Get closer as soon as you notice he is turning, this will cut his space and will not be able to complete the kick, this will be your chance to connect with any kick.

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