Jumping Spinning Back Kick – Dwier Dwi Chagi

This is the Jumping Spinning Back Kick

This kick is found in the Brown Belt rank or 1st gup in Taekwondo. It is considered an advanced kick since you need to master the basic kick first, then combine it with the jump, the turn and have enough flexibility to deliver the kick.

  • To get better results you will need to have mastered your back kick and spinning back kick properly, once you do all you need to do is add the jump.

This kicking technique is very effective and it can be really devastating at the same time. With timing you can use it when your opponent is ending his kicking technique then before he puts his foot on the mat you counter attack with this kick; you will get him almost in the air without any balance and the impact will be stronger since he would not have a stable stance.

Step by Step:

  • Your fighting stance will be your starting position.
  • Slightly turn your back on your opponent by pivoting your feet on the opposite direction.
  • Keep turning then bend your knees a little bit to help your legs to feed the jump and the kick.
  • Keep your hands up after the kick.

Jumping Spinning Back kick step by step by Master Woo

A second Step by Step very useful guide.


  • Keep your eyes on the target first, you need to know where you are going before doing your kicking technique.
  • Keep your hands up together so it becomes easier when you turn, jump and kick.

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