Jump Front Kick in Taekwondo

I’m going to show you guys how to do a jump front kick. I’m going to stay in my fighting stance, my hands up. I’m going to first give it a little demonstration. So a jump front kick looks like this.

Now step by step, to do a jump front kick the first thing you have to do is raise your back leg or knees up, like this. One, doesn’t have to go so high. Don’t have to bring it this high, just bring it a little low, one. Split that momentum for that second kick. So were going to jump and throw a front snap kick. So jump, and give it a go. So one more time. Raise your back leg up, jump, and throw that kick and have a good beautiful landing.

Now I like to practice with my partner jump front kick. Now he’s going to hold, again, because we are jumping we like to kick a little higher. So his target is going to be a little higher than usual. Now, again, I like to maybe kick my opponent’s chin, so one here I’m going to raise my knees up, and give it a kick. One more time. Like that.

Now one more tip, when you do a jump front kick there are two types of weapons you can use on your foot. It’s called an instep or the ball of your foot. Now if you’re going to kick your opponent’s chin, the best weapon to use is the ball of the foot. The ball of the foot, if you don’t know, is right here. OK, now you can practice a little bit by tapping the floor like this. OK, and with the ball of that foot we’re going to do jump front kick and I attack my opponent’s face by the nose or, at my best, the chin. So from here. One more time And that’s how you do a jump front kick.

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