Japanese Team Kata Anan World Karate Championships

Japanese Karate Team Kata Anan World Karate Championships

Japanese Team Kata

A kata is a collection of techniques presented together in harmony with each move. The techniques you would see in a kata are kicks, punches, blocks, throws, stances, and a controlled speed synchronization. There are Kata categories you can participate at most tournaments in most Karate styles; keep in mind some Karate styles are more focused on Kata and other on Kumite like Kyokushin Karate.

  • On all Team Kata participation, the participants have to present their kata and then they have to show the application which is called Bunkai, the application of all the techniques found in the form or kata. On the application each participant has to present a part of the techniques found in the kata, they are evaluated on speed, accuracy, and control.
  • Most judges pay attention to small details such as properly done stance, proper execution of basic moves and coordination throughout the form with their teammates. 

Karate Final: Male Team Kata Japan performing Kata Anan at the  2016 World Karate Championships, competing against the French Male Kata team in the finals.. The male Japanese Team is trained by Tsuguo Sakumoto Sensei Chief of Okinawa Ryuei Ryu.

The World Karate Federation – WKF

The World Karate Federation is the largest international governing body of sport karate with 191 member countries. The headquarter is in Madrid, Spain. World Karate Federation Website


  • If you are planning on participating in a Team Kata Category devote time to train the synchronization of your chosen kata first, then add power as you perform along with your team.
  • Learn every technique found in the kata, isolate them and practice them with the members of your team.
  • Don’t select too many Katas, have an option A and option B kata.
  • Perform your kata on a regular basis and have members of your Dojo provide you feedback.

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