How to Do a Jab Punch in Karate

How to Do a Jab Punch in Karate

Jab Punch in Karate

I’d like explain a little bit about the jab punch of karate. Many of the movements we’re doing in kehan in the basics, we finish in a fixed position. That has to change as soon as we’ve established a good foundation in those techniques so we’re moving more constantly and more fluidly.

And one of the first techniques we do for that is the jab punch or the kizami-zuki. So the kizami-zuki is your lead hand but you’re going to send it with the legs and out through the hips, snapping in this fashion. Sending it from here, via the inside line not the outside line. What happens with the outside line is the elbow comes out and you can flick which is not good or you simply tense the arm and it slows down which is not good either. Plus, when you’re hitting with a light technique you need to hit the target in this way and not wipe it down which is very common. We hit and we wipe it down or we hit and we pull the hand up and back.

We need to feel like we’re in a tube with that fist, sending it from here and bringing it back with the bigger muscles, the lat muscles pulling the elbow back. If we do anything with the hand, it’ll wiggle around and not go in a straight line. So we want to send it from here, bring it back in a straight line. As we’re not locking the arm, there’s no need to twist the wrist. You can practice keeping a vertical fist so you can develop the straight line of this technique. The straighter the line the cleaner the technique. And because it’s not heavy, we need a clean, crisp technique. Kizami-zuk, the jab punch.

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