How to Do a Jab Cross in Kickboxing

Jab Cross

First off, the jab as you remember is always with the lead hand and stepping forward. Now the cross itself it’s more of a stationary punch. Starts all the way at the rear leg, all right, you’re turning, your pivoting, pivoting, pivoting, pivoting the knee, pivot the hip, pivoting the shoulder towards your opponent. Then it’s the hand at the last second. Make sure the opposite hand stays up the whole time and we turn right back. So jab, you’re stepping, boom boom, three inches, three inches, two inches, two inches whatever it is. You stay there turn pivot, pivot, pivot turn the hip, turn the shoulder, flip the fist over and come right back. So with the jab cross it should look something like this. Step, turn, okay? The first one is mobile, the second one is stationary.

Now, unlike boxing, in kickboxing we’re staying a little bit more back. In boxing you would transfer your weight completely, big stance, and later on you’d be weaving and stuff like that. In kick boxing however we have kicks. This one you have to be a little bit more upright and extend your arms, all right? We don’t have the luxury of being low and having a solid stance because at any given time you know we have to move away from a kick, whatever, okay? So once again jab cross. One more time, I’m going to step and then turn in place. And that’s how you do a jab cross in kickboxing.

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