Ippon Ken

Ippon Ken

Ippon Ken

This is Ippon Ken Strike. This is a strike you may not find in Katas but you can use it in self defense techniques.

It’s a powerful strike for specific targets such as the nose, the eyes, the throat, the neck, and the ribs.

You use it and execute it just like a punch, the only difference is that your index knuckle makes contact with the target. This is more of a snapping strike than a thrusting one because you are striking sensitive targets, not large targets.

Make sure you form a fist correctly then move your thumb forward next to your index finger’s nail to provide support to the index knuckle.

Ippon ken

Ippon Ken Step by Step

  • You can start on a Kiba Dachi and prepare just like with a Zuki.
  • Put your Left fist over your right fist.
  • Now execute your Ippon Ken aiming the solar plexus while your other hand is by your ribs.
  • Execute the same Ippon Ken with your other side.


  • Do not lean forward when striking
  • Bring back your hand right away after the strike
  • Make sure your fingers are together supporting the entire hand when striking

Karate Requirements

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