Inward Parry in Kenpo Karate

Inward Parry

Inward Parry

The Inward Parry is part of the Orange Belt rank requirements in Kenpo Karate. You will find this parry in many forms and Self Defense Techniques.

The purpose of a parry is to deflect, to stop, to shift an attack, a move or action; this will help you enter or move to strike.

Inward Parry Step by Step

  • You can get started in a Neutral Stance or Horse Stance
  • Execute a right Inward Parry by bringing your right hand at 45 degrees in front of your opposite shoulder
  • Execute the same move on the other side


  • Do not overextend your Inward Parry, it should not be more than your opposite shoulder
  • Make sure all your fingers are closed together
  • Do not lean forward, your arm moves only, not your entire body

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