Inward Hand Sword in Kenpo Karate

Inward Hand Sword

Mastering the Inward Hand Sword in Kenpo Karate

Understanding the Technique

The Inward Hand Sword stands as a cornerstone strike within American Kenpo Karate, known for its versatility and precision. Primarily targeting the front, side, and back of the neck along with the throat, its applicability extends to areas like the bicep, forearm, and lower back for effective defense and counterattacks.

This is not just a strike, it can also be used as a block. Perfect to stop a roundhouse punch to the face, and some other punches and strikes depending of the angle of departure.

You will find this strike in many Self Defense Techniques, Kenpo Sets, and Kenpo Forms. Proper execution is key to understanding it and applying it correctly.

Some Self Defense Techniques where you will find Inward Hand Sword

  • Sword of Destruction
  • Five Swords

Anatomy of the Inward Hand Sword

The hand and fingers need to be in a specific shape to increase effectiveness and avoid any injuries. All fingers need to be properly curved against each other, this will reinforce its usage and will prevent unwanted injuries after the application of the strike.

As you can see in this image, the index finger is the only one that is extended to provide the guide and main support for the other fingers.

Inward Hand Sword Target Areas and Impact

The primary targets for the Inward Hand Sword encompass vital regions like the neck’s various angles and the vulnerable throat. Additionally, the technique’s adaptability allows for effective strikes to secondary areas such as the bicep, forearm, and lower back, enhancing its defensive utility.

Executing the Technique

Inward Hand Sword Step-by-Step Guidance

  1. Initial Stance: Begin from a stable horse stance or transition smoothly from a neutral bow if advancing.
  2. Preparation: Lift your right hand, forming a 45-degree angle with your arm, ensuring the elbow aligns with your side. Simultaneously, extend your left arm partially for distance.
  3. Striking Motion: Direct your right elbow forward while executing the hand sword maneuver.
  4. Alternate Sides: Repeat the sequence, ensuring balanced practice on both sides for proficiency.
  5. Proper stance: You must keep a strong and proper stance with all your strikes otherwise you can lose your balance and decrease the effectiveness of the technique.

Key Recommendations

Refining Your Technique

  1. Hand Formation: Maintain closed fingers, providing mutual support and stability for enhanced striking effectiveness.
  2. Posture and Balance: Keep your back straight throughout the execution, avoiding any forward-leaning tendencies to optimize striking precision.
  3. Utilizing Gravity: Harness the marriage of gravity and your body’s natural weight to amplify the power behind your strikes, maximizing impact without compromising form.

Instructor’s Insights

A Kenpo Karate black belt emphasizes not just the technical execution but also the holistic understanding and application of the Inward Hand Sword. Mastery lies not only in physical precision but also in mental acuity, situational awareness, and adaptability in employing this foundational strike within the art. Through consistent practice and attention to detail, students can elevate their proficiency and efficacy in employing this technique within various combat scenarios.

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