How to do an Inverted Arm Lock from a Triangle Hold

How to do an Inverted Arm Lock from a Triangle Hold

Inverted Arm Lock

Alright, guys, we’re going to do the inverted armlock again. We’re going to do it from that position pre-triangle. We did that pre-triangle position in the videos. We also did it in the ?? videos. OK. So now we’re going to do an inverted arm lock. Let me show you the series. Alright so, we get to the pre-triangle. OK. Look for the triangle video to teach you how to get here alright. Now, I’m going here to the oiler or the browline or the elbow hook, alright? He straitens his arm, straightens his arm, I grab, I trap. Hit the arm one more time. One more time.

Okay. How do I do that?

My arm comes in and he’s defending the oiler by straightening his arm. Immediately I bring it to my neck. There’s a little pinch there. Grab my trap, grab my elbow, squeeze my knees. Just like a triangle I am going to use my legs right here, not a lot of arms. Legs and core, and again keeping this open. Push down a little, squeeze, crunch. OK? If he doesn’t tap, it means you are too close. Push him away, make sure his wrist is by your neck. If your doing it and he doesn’t tap, push him away, squeeze your legs, go. One more time. I’m in the pre-triangle, one. There we go. That’s internal arm lock from the pre-triangle position.

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