How to do Inside & Outside Crescent kick

How to do Inside & Outside Crescent kick

Inside & Outside Crescent kick

So instructor Andrew is actually going to actually demonstrate. Now, one of the basic moves you can do is, if I throw a rear leg roundhouse kick like this, he can counter me with a crescent axe kick, like this, boom. So one more time, he goes up and bang. The kick won’t hit my face.

If I use the left leg to attack him, but let’s say my opponent does something like this, he can do now the outside crescent kick. So one more time, bang, this way.

Now, when you are practicing, make sure you guys, you and your opponent are safe, move back a little bit so you don’t hit each other. Second, flexibility is very important so work on your stretches and another one, mistakes. Let’s talk about mistakes. Now, if instructor Andrew makes a mistake, such as he goes for a crescent axe kick when I fold my left leg towards his stomach, so I’m going to first demonstrate really slow, I’m coming in, he throws a kick. What happens is our legs might clash. One more time, the error looks like this. Bang, this happens.

Again, we don’t want to clash with each other. We want to be smooth. So again, he has to make the right decision and blow out the right kick which is the outside kick so we won’t clash. I do it again, this way.

Now, again, if he throws the outside kick with his rear leg and I throw a rear leg roundhouse kick, we’re going to clash, bang, like that. And as a matter of fact, I might hit him first, okay? So he’s got to make the right decision when I the kick, he’s going to go for the crescent axe kick.

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