How to Do the Inside Block in Taekwondo

How to Do the Inside Block in Taekwondo

Inside Block

I’m gonna be showing you guys an inside block self-defense Tae-Kwon-Do technique. Again, my opponent and I, we’re in a self-defense situation. Again, in a self-defense situation, have your hands high up, OK? You’re defending yourself in the streets. Do not put your hands down like Olympic-style sparring.

I keep my arms up. Boom. If my opponent throws a straight right-hand, I’m gonna sidestep slightly on the left and block with my left inside block. He goes for it. Bang. Now, my right hand is ready to attack. One, two, and. Right leg roundhouse kick. One more time. One. The inside roundhouse kick or the groin, your choice.

Now, just a little detail. When we do our inside block, don’t swing, like, wild this way. It’s a little too slow. Keep it close to your face. I like to have that twist, that twist while I’m taking the angle step. One more time. He goes for the punch. Bang. That’s how we do our inside block technique in self-defense Tae-Kwon-Do situation.

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