How to Do an Inchworm to Side Plank

How to Do an Inchworm to Side Plank

Inchworm to Side Plank

So the inchworm is a great way to warm up your body, it’s also great exercise to warm up your core with. It’s getting all you’re transverse, abdomens, your internal, external obliques, a great tool to use for a warm up but also as an exercise alone it’s great for your core. So you’re going to start out in a standing position. You’re going to hinge from your hips. Try to keep your hamstrings straight so we get that hamstring stretch in there.

You’re going to walk your hands out in front of you. You can come down to your forearm here. Keep your elbow on your shoulder and you’re just going to lift your hand like this. You could hold this for about 30 seconds, switch sides. You can also do this on your hand if you want to get more shoulder action in there. And then you’re going to go back to start. You have the option of stopping here at your toes or you could stand back up to give your back a little bit of a rest and reset your body. But again you’re going to walk your hands up. I’m going to demonstrate for you on my forearms today, and then you’re just going to lift your arm like so. If you want you could even just hold it for about five seconds if you want to make it about repetition and not time that’s also an option.

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