How to Do an Inchworm Abs Workout

Inchworm Abs Workout

It’s a great way to warm up your core and also it does get some shoulders and arms in it so it’s a great exercise to use during your work out or even for your warm up. So you’re going to start out actually on your feet, you’re going to hinge from your hips and you’re going to walk your hands out in front of you as much and as far as you can. You’re going to stay here for a second, it’s like an extended plank position. You’re going to walk your hands back. You have the option of standing up, I’m not going to do that today.

I’m just going to come back to my toes and again I’m going to walk my hands out in front of me, as much as I can, engage my abs here. Reset and then go back in. When you’re here it’s a good idea to try to straighten the legs and get that hamstring stretch. It’s a great dynamic tool to use as warm up as well. So again walking your hands out and then coming back to either a standing position or just to your toes and that’s how you do the inchworm.

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