Improve your Side Kick

Improve your Side Kick

Improve your Side Kick

The side kick is one of the most important kicks in all Martial Arts. A perfect kick to create a safe distance. Very used in sparring of all kinds, both competitive, in forms, and also in Self Defense Techniques.

Side Kick Most common targets

  • The knee, to prevent the opponent from getting close.
  • The stomach to get the attacker off of him and make him double over.
  • To the ribs.
  • To the chest to score a point in combat.
  • To the head.

To deliver a perfect side kick you need to align your entire body, this will help you transfer the power you generate. You need to align your shoulder with your elbow, hips, knees, and ankle.

Perfect Side Kick Execution


The Thrusting and the Snapping Side Kick

The Trusting Side Kick is used in Self Defense Techniques, to get the attacker out of the way, it could also be used in Sparring but it can generate a lot of power and could also lead to disqualification in tournaments for excessive use of force/lack of control.

The Snapping Side Kick is more common in Sparring because is a quick move especially if you are in a point sparring match.

The Sideways Fighting Stance

There are many fighting stances, the most recommended one for this kick would be the sideways fighting stance, because the kicking leg is already in position, ready to kick with the leading leg as the opponent gets closer to us.

You should be kicking with the front leg because if you do it with your rear leg your opponent will telegraph it.

There are other types of Side Kicks available but here we will tackle the very basic one, this is to make sure we can go from there. Learning the basics correctly will help us get better.

The Side kick with Master Chong, here he shares his knowledge of Sports and Martial Arts, thank you, Master Chong. Now is time to learn from one of the greatest Taekwondo instructors. Here is what you will learn:

  • How to improve your side kick.
  • How to kick faster and safer.
  • How to get a better posture and keep your balance.
  • How to use your own belt to improve your kick.
  • Great stretching tips from a Taekwondo Black Belt.


  1. Find your target before kicking.
  2. Aim with your knee, then kick and bring your leg back right away.
  3. Lean back if you want to kick higher.
  4. Align your shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee when delivering a kick.
  5. Keep your hands up at all times.
  6. Do not bend your rear leg because it supports your entire body.
  7. Remember to be sideways in your fighting stance.

Stretching is very important

Many try to kick high then they get injured, you need to properly stretch all the way down from your lower back, not just your legs.

Stretching involves the movement of the body. This can help loosen muscles and thus improve flexibility. You must stretch both legs equally. Here is a good stretching session you can try to improve your flexibility.

18 Effective stretching exercises to help you improve your flexibility and be able to do the splits.

You are also required to know how to properly stretch your legs, hips, and entire body to be able to execute a safe kick. This also applies to any kick you might want to do. You need to constantly warm up and stretch your body.

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